Samantha Woodley in the video: Bare Bottom Strapping - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM

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Cover Bare Bottom Strapping - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM
Screenlist Bare Bottom Strapping - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM

Model: Samantha Woodley
Studio: firmhandspanking

Format: rm (zip)
Duration: 00:05:10
Resolution: 320x240
Size: 26.1 MB

Description: Everyone's favorite spanking star, Samantha Woodley, comes up against the ice-cool wrath of Shannon Carson. Members will recall that Sam called Shannon a bitch after getting swats in the office. Not a wise move. She said it in front of Mr Lyons! Now Shannon has her moment, as Samantha reports to the games room in tight black shorts to be faced with a strapping. Shorts and panties are ordered off, and the recalcitrant Samantha is ordered to lie face down on the pool table, with a cushion lifting her magnificent bottom up as a target for the leather tawse. 23 times the strap cracks across bare flesh, making even Samantha wince and cry out. The action is stunningly recorded with three cameras, with the new Reaction Cam feature showing us just how much that strap stings!
Samantha Woodley LQ firmhandspanking
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