Rachel Young in the video: Bare Bottom Paddling - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM

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Cover Bare Bottom Paddling - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM
Screenlist Bare Bottom Paddling - firmhandspanking - LQ/RM

Model: Rachel Young
Studio: firmhandspanking

Format: rm (zip)
Duration: 00:05:25
Resolution: 320x240
Size: 17.7 MB

Description: Blonde, petite and cute as hell, saucer-eyed beauty Rachel Young is not happy with her college track coach. In her latest video, she is accused of borrowing other girls' clothes and even stealing from their lockers. Faced with a choice of suspension or swats, she reluctantly chooses a paddling. Shorts and thong panties pulled down, she places her hands on a chair and bends over. Bottom already glowing red from a sorority paddling, we discover, she is not let off a single swat as Coach's leather paddle proceeds to add considerably to the warm glow in her behind, which bounces very appealingly! Three cameras catch every moment of the action in a new video, Rachel's those huge brown eyes looking directly at the camera makes this new addition a rare delight.
Rachel Young LQ firmhandspanking
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