Harley Havik in the video: Harleys Punishment - Full - northernspanking - HD/MP4

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Cover Harleys Punishment - Full - northernspanking - HD/MP4
Screenlist Harleys Punishment - Full - northernspanking - HD/MP4

Model: Harley Havik, Paul Kennedy, Alex Reynolds
Position: OTK (Over The Knee), Grabbing Ankles/Knees/Toes
Implement: Cane, Paddle (Wooden)
Studio: northernspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:20:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 456.8 MB

Description: This is a hard, no nonsense punishment film. Harleys behavior has been out of line recently, and she knows it. Hopefully, a severe punishment will get her back on track. First, Paul spanks her over his knee, reddening her bottom nicely. Then, Harley is made to stand and bend over for ten hard swats with a stinging wooden paddle on her bare bottom. The paddling leaves her bottom marked and brings her to the point of real tears, but her punishment is not over. After standing in time out to think about her actions, Harley must bend back over for ten hard strokes of the cane. She is put in an embarrassingly exposing position with her legs spread wide to enhance the punishment. Her tears quickly return as her bottom is welted with red lines.
Later, Harley is resting on her tummy, not even worrying about getting dressed properly again. Her friend, Alex comes in to check and see how Harley is doing (she was in the house and heard Harley being punished). Harley complains of how sore her bottom is after the hard strokes, and Alex rubs lotion on Harley’s cheeks to help soothe the pain.
Harley Havik Paul Kennedy Alex Reynolds OTK (Over The Knee) Grabbing Ankles Cane Paddle (Wooden) northernspanking HD
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