Johanna in the video: The Bared Intruder - disciplinaryarts - HD/MP4

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Cover The Bared Intruder - disciplinaryarts - HD/MP4
Screenlist The Bared Intruder - disciplinaryarts - HD/MP4

Model: Kyle Johnson, Johanna
Studio: disciplinaryarts

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 249.1 MB

Description: In "The Bared Intruder", a girl pulls up to the private property of a random man who has never seen her before. She is trying to break open the latch and sneaking around the front when he gets home early and catches her red handed. She makes an excuse and he says he is going to call the police unless she consents to a bare bottom BUTT WHIPPING right there in her car in the front of the house. She agrees, and he opens the drivers side door and puts the snoopy girl over his knee and proceeds to SPANK HER SOUNDLY over her shorts, panties and bare bottom, leaving her yelping, and kicking before her lets her up and tells her to stay off his property! It was most certainly the wrong place, wrong time... But WAS it an accidental property choice?
Kyle Johnson Johanna HD disciplinaryarts
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