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Screenlist Bad Office Day - sit-spanking - LQ/RM

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Description: Mrs Robertson is the office manager for a small firm of architects. She receives a very angry and frustrated phone call from Mr Phillips, the senior partner, who is attending an extremely important meeting in the south of France, showing clients the latest designs for a new private marina. He is furious to discover that none of the drawings relating to the project have been included with his working documents. Mrs Robertson explains that she had delegated this task to Sammy, the office assistant, whose job it was to ensure that all relevant documentation, including drawings were placed in his working folder, in readiness for his trip. A nervous looking Sammy in the background overhears her manager promise to resolve the situation personally. When confronted by her boss, Sammy makes the mistake of laying the blame with Mrs Robertson, for omitting the drawings from her task list. Furious at her attitude, Mrs Robertson decides to discipline the girl right there in the office and rather than face dismissal, poor Sammy has to accept her senior colleague's proposal. The assistant is hauled over her boss's knee for a very hard spanking. Firstly over her tight red knickers and then on her shapely bare bottom. Mrs Robertson is determined to teach this girl a lesson and the severity of the spanking increases with each slap, but Sammy is equally determined to show no remorse. Her quivering cheeks now scarlet, Sammy is made to lean over a large drawing board, where Mrs Robertson decides stricter measures are necessary and introduces a large leather paddle to Sammy's upturned bottom. Each stroke is delivered at full, knee-buckling force. If this wasn't enough to bear, the assistant then faces an onslaught of searing strokes from a heavy leather tawse. Still Sammy refuses to apologise for the mistake and receives another severe spanking in a most painful and humiliating position. Finally she is bent over once more to receive 50 heavy strokes of the cane, until the manager is satisfied that the girl is now truly sorry. Incredible, HARD action. You'll lose count of the number of severe strokes this girl receives!
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