One Error Too Many - sit-spanking - LQ/RM

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Cover One Error Too Many - sit-spanking - LQ/RM
Screenlist One Error Too Many - sit-spanking - LQ/RM

Studio: sit-spanking

Format: rm (zip)
Duration: 00:22:35
Resolution: 460x368
Size: 130.3 MB

Description: Having been at an all night party, Wendy staggers straight in to work, still wearing her evening dress and still very much worse for wear. The CEO already has a whole list of misdemeanours perpetrated by this young lady, so when he hears of her latest stunt, he wastes no time in calling her in to his private rooms. Poor Wendy does not realise what's in store for her and she soon finds her dress pulled up and her knickers pulled down and her bare, exposed bottom is soundly thrashed! She is spanked and paddled with a heavy wooden paddle, followed by dozens of searing strokes with a riding crop, until her bottom is bright red, but then Sir Robert announces that what he has delivered so far is purely a warm up! Wendy then receives a thorough and very severe caning to remind her never to neglect her duties again!
LQ sit-spanking
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