They're Both To Blame - sit-spanking - LQ/RM

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Cover They're Both To Blame - sit-spanking - LQ/RM
Screenlist They're Both To Blame - sit-spanking - LQ/RM

Studio: sit-spanking

Format: rm (zip)
Duration: 00:15:07
Resolution: 460x368
Size: 87.2 MB

Description: Miss Jones points out that Fiona & Davinia are responsible for shipping some important equipment to an entirely wrong destination. The CEO is furious and summons the girls to his office. Neither girl is willing to admit liability; in fact Fiona is particularly surly and quite rude. This behaviour is simply not going to be tolerated by the chief and Davinia is dismissed from the room - for now! Fiona is to be chastised in a manner to which she is becoming well acquainted! Firstly spanked over the knee of the CEO and then more of the same on her bare bottom from the secretary Miss Jones, soon turns the young lady's bottom bright scarlet. Then with knickers completely removed, she is held over the chief's large desk for a hard paddling with the heavy leather paddle. Only when she promises to pay more attention to her duties in future, does the CEO relent and dismiss her from the room, asking her to send in Davinia in her place!
LQ sit-spanking
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