Spring Break Punishment II - spankingteenjessica - LQ/RM

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Cover Spring Break Punishment Ii - spankingteenjessica - LQ/RM
Screenlist Spring Break Punishment Ii - spankingteenjessica - LQ/RM

Model: Jessica
Position: Standing
Implement: Hand
Studio: spankingteenjessica

Format: rm (zip)
Duration: 00:03:00
Resolution: 480x360
Size: 15.7 MB

Description: For the offense of leaving my drink unattended on several occasions, I received some cornertime while holding a bar of soap in my mouth. It was nasty, industrial strength soap, and it was the worst thing I ever tasted. I kept it in place for 30 full minutes. My mouth quickly filled up with the nasty soap and I only swallowed once. After that, I just let it run out of my mouth. Katie was present for the whole thing and just stayed in the background trying her best not to laugh her ass off.
Jessica Standing Hand LQ spankingteenjessica
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