Yes Mummy - Full Movie - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Yes Mummy - Full Movie - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4
Screenlist Yes Mummy - Full Movie - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4

Model: Eris Martinet, Mia
Studio: Eris Martinet Female Evil

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:41:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 707 MB

Description: Mia came back from school. She found out about uncle's naughty clips on his laptop a while back.. she knew about and had a weird fascination with them. She wanted to look closer, and make a day of it. On the big TV screen in the living room, sprawled on the floor, playing with herself... she knew this was the day mum was out late, she is always late on Fridays. And uncle is never really around. Mia was anxious to watch these weird and erotic things... not understanding what it did to her, but feeling shame, curiosity, and pleasure at the same time. A guilty and intense pleasure...She chose Room 2D. It was an old spanking film from uncle's collection. The girl in it reminded her of her. Beautiful, innocent, a school girl. The teacher was stern and perverse and lifted the girl's skirt... Mia felt red in the face but aching with lust.. fingers in her underpants.. she was alone, she could masturbate, she could do anything.. she was ashamed to admit to herself as she couldn't quite process these feelings of arousal.. but she wanted to be spanked herself. She got excited and meek thinking about it.And just then.. Mummy walks in. Stealthily, and pausing in the door looking at the unbelievable spectacle. Her young daughter sprawled on the rug, naughty inappropriate ass smacking on the TV screen. "What is this, young lady?!". Mia froze. She jumps to close the video but it's too late. She's been caught!Mum acts outraged, cold and punitive... but.. there is more to mummy's behaviour. Mummy is so salacious, why is she beaming with a mean smile? It's like her wishes fulfilled in a strange way, and not just hers, but mum's too. There's no escape now: she really is getting the spanking she dreamt of. But it's scarier, and nastier now, that mummy towers over her threateningly.
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