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Model: Elizabeth Simpson, Anita
Studio: spankmybottom

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:11:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 343,5 MB

Description: Anita has been summoned to Ms. Simpson's office to discuss her behavior the previous day. She had been on a trip with some other students to another school for a tournament, and while she did win, her behavior on the coach ride home was rowdy, disrespectful and embarrassing to the school's name as she and her friends were wearing their uniforms and representing the school. There was gum left under the seats, a broken seat, rubbish left everywhere, and a great deal of disruptive behavior which was so distracting and stressful for the driver that he needed medication afterward and the school was held financially responsible for the damages. It was reported that Anita was the ringleader. Anita says she is sorry and just got carried away with excitement over the win, but Ms. Simpson tells her she is going to be punished with a good spanking and then a thrashing with the hairbrush and promptly instructs Anita to drop her knickers and go across her knee. Anita is then made to stand outside the office with her red bare bottom displayed as a reminder to the other girls of what happens to such badly behaved girls.
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