The French Maid - spankmybottom - SD/MP4

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Cover The French Maid - spankmybottom - SD/MP4
Screenlist The French Maid - spankmybottom - SD/MP4

Model: Elizabeth Simpson, Rosaleen Young
Studio: spankmybottom

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:09:46
Resolution: 768x576
Size: 152 MB

Description: French Maid Rosaleen steals money when she thinks her new employer isn't home. Yet, she is caught and confronted by her angry boss about it. She is told she will either be punished or fired. She says she needs the job, so she chooses the punishment. Before the bratty spoiled Frenchgirl knows whats about to hit her, her white flowered panties are around her ankles and her bottom is being beaten by her angered employer. She is then stood up for a dose of the leather paddle, which makes the girls scream and squeal as her panties are wedgied and she squirms to escape the paddling... to no avail!
Elizabeth Simpson Rosaleen Young SD spankmybottom
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