Not Taking That - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4

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Cover Not Taking That - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4
Screenlist Not Taking That - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4

Model: Kirsten (Kristy), Rosaleen Young
Studio: canedschoolgirls

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:04:25
Resolution: 768x576
Size: 68,6 MB

Description: Miss Kristy drags a kicking and fussing Rosaleen Young into her classroom for a punishment. Rosaleen protests as her green tight knickers are yanked down, and her school skirt is lifted, embarrissing the girl by exposing her lily white bare bottom before Miss Kristy grabs her punishment cane and blisters little Rosaleen with it. Rosaleen crys and pleads to no avail as she is caned over her strict feamle teachers desk. She is finally made to stand with her hands on her hand and her reddened bottom exposed for the next class entering to see what a well-punished girl looks like!
Kirsten (Kristy) Rosaleen Young SD canedschoolgirls
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