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Screenlist Lil' Hot Stuff - shadowlane - HD/MP4

Model: Elori Stix, Snow Mercy
Studio: shadowlane

Number of videos: 2
Format: mp4 (zip)
Total duration: 00:32:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Total size: 2,3 GB


A woman spanks girl drama

Starring Snow Mercy and
presenting Elori Stix in her
first Shadow Lane video
Featuring vigorous, cheek-pinkening,
sob-provoking, over the knee spanking;
on pantyhose, panties and bare bottom;
plus spanking horse discipline,
with hairbrush, strap and cane!

Snow has proof that ace graduate student and junior sorority sister Elori, has been selling term papers for big $$$! It's a disgrace to Lambda Sigma Zeta that must be addressed at once. So the statuesque goddess turns the tiny, yet exquisitely voluptuous brunette over her knee and spanks her. Skirt, pantyhose, panties and bare bottom are burnished in turn by Snow's tireless hand. Elori's luscious round backside turns pink, then rosy red under the relentless barrage of crisp, ringing smacks.

Not deeming Elori properly repentant, even after having been stringently disciplined and sternly lectured on the impropriety of dragging the sorority's reputation down, Snow insists that the diminutive miscreant learn a further lesson over her spanking horse, with her bare bottom thrust up for the brush, strap and cane. After a hairbrush paddling, a lambasting with leather and two tastes of rattan, the small brunette learns the meaning of regret, with a beautiful, sore, red seat to remind her of her punishments for days to come.

Adorable Elori Stix shines in her Shadow Lane video debut. This petite yet curvy brunette bombshell not only takes a great spanking, but is well bred, well educated and articulate; in other words, the complete package. Snow Mercy is, as always, a flawless goddess of the disciplinary arts.
Elori Stix Snow Mercy HD shadowlane Caning Female Domination Spanking F F Hair Brush Lingerie Paddle (Wooden) Stockings Pantyhose Strap-on Strapping
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