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Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:31:19
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: This edition starts with Part 3 of 'Desire, Deception & Discipline'. Angelina is spanked and caned in the diaper position and then when dominatrix Sarah Harvey Lewis makes her bend over the bed for more of the cane, Angelina cannot resist the desire to masturbate whilst she is caned. Next is 'Dry your Tears' part 3 in which Miss Parker finally canes both Elaine and Cindy. This is followed by the final episode of 'Trial by Ordeal'. Naked and just having been severely caned, Niki Flynn now gets severe spanking. Next is 'A Month in the Country' part 3. Frank continues Amanda's punishment with a good hard caning. We then have 3 new additions starting with Katya getting a resounding spanking in part 1 of 'The Girl Next Door', followed by Part 1 of the Red Stripe classic 'Trust Me'. Bill says he is too busy with business to take his wife Amanda on vacation, so Amanda enlists the help of his ex-wife, Hilary, to find out how to get Bill to change his mind. Between them these 2 scheme to sabotage Bill's current business deal to free him for the acation. As you may imagine, Bill is furious and both ladies are well and truly for it, starting with his wife Amanda having a hairbrush applied with force to her bottom. The final clip is Part 1 of 'The Problem with Maria' featuring Maria Martell as the errant wife who spends the gardener's wages on new clothes for herself and then takes a panking from him in lieu of his pay.
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