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Duration: 01:28:39
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: 'She Needs A Short, Sharp, Shock' Part 2 opens this edition. Offender Sam Johnson has agreed to accept corporal punishment instead of jail time. Her punishments continue with a spanking, a paddling and a slippering bent over the desk followed by another long hard OTK spanking. Next is the finale of 'Trust Me'. Bill canes Hilary and then gives Amanda a severe dose of the strap and the cane. Finally he lines up both girls side by side for some extra cane strokes. In 'The Girl Next Door', Part 3 Katja gets the slipper which has her bouncing up and down on her toes. She really hates that slipper. It is not long before she is in deep trouble again for a very noisy party she held the night before. For keeping her neighbour awake once again she gets another good spanking with more to come. Next in the final part of 'A Month in the Country', Jane gets a severe caning.This is followed by 'The Problem with Maria' Part 3. Sean slippers Maria and then makes her fetch the cane. He canes her and leaves her to ponder her sins kneeling on the sofa, with the cane balanced just above her well punished bottom which is beautifully displayed with her legs spread to fully expose her for our pleasure. Next is part 2 of the Red Stripe Classic 'The Red Rolls Royce'. The female chauffeur now gets the strap and the cane from the mistress of the house. Finally is the final part of 'Desire, Deception & Discipline'. Both her brother-in-law Charley and dominatrix Sarah Harvey Lewis now cane Angelina and then the two leave her while they go for a drink to get to know each other better. Angelina has been really turned on by the whole thing and brings herself to a climax. Later Charley returns and gives Angelina another bare bottom spanking.
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