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Model: Catherine Corbett
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:08:13
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 760,3 MB

Description: In this movie Catherine Corbett shows just why she is one of the most popular spanking models on both sides of the Atlantic. The spankings in this movie are really quite exceptional. The movie starts with Catherine in the kitchen reading the morning paper wearing just a shirt & white panties when she is rudely interrupted by her landlord. He marches her to the lounge to show her a cigarette burn in the carpet, which she denies having made. He then launches into a tirade about her helping herself to his cigarettes, being late with the rent & leaving the kitchen in a mess etc. After a heated exchange he drags her over his knee, tugs down her white panties & starts to deliver one hell of a spanking. No less than 1100 firm spanks soon have Catherine squirming & struggling, but he refuses to stop until her bottom is glowing red. The spanking makes Catherine late for work for the 4th time in a week. When she tells her boss why she is late, he does not believe her & insists on seeing the evidence. She has to show him her well-spanked bottom & then has the temerity to ask him for a rise to help pay the back rent she owes. He tells her she does not deserve a rise but what she does deserve is another spanking. He hauls her over his knee, raises her skirt & brings his hand down firmly on her cute behind. Already very sore from her previous spanking, she feels this punishment much more. She wriggles & bucks, getting into some very cute positions as she tries to evade the seemingly endless spanks raining down on her poor bottom but all to no avail. She gets over 350 before he relents & lets her go with a warning that the next time she is late, it won’t be just a spanking. When she gets home from work she is supposed to tidy up the mess she made in the kitchen but instead she helps herself to a pack of her landlord's cigarettes. He is not impressed by her request to borrow 20 cigarettes, knowing from past experience that she rarely if ever pays him back, & so he tells her that she can pay for them in kind, one stroke of the cane on her bare bottom for each cigarette. Even though her bottom is still very sore from her two spankings, she agrees & reluctantly bends over. He raises her skirt & pulls down her cute pink panties to expose her bare well-spanked bottom. He then proceeds to give her 20 hard cane strokes. Next we see her late for work yet again & Catherine is made to touch her toes and lift up her skirt for 22 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.
Catherine Corbett SD strictlyenglishonline
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