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Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:30:48
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: The 1st clip is Part 5 of 'Spanked Sister-in-law'. Pl now spanks Debbie and Sally and then stands them side by side, knickers down, for a good paddling. 'Sorry Miss' part 3 is next. Samantha and Emma are soundly caned by Miss Parker. In 'Trial by Ordeal' part 3 Niki Flynn is made to strip naked and then subjected to a thorough physical examination followed by the cane.In 'Sorry is not Enough' part 2 Miss Chambers gives Samantha the slipper and then the cane while Tracy looks on in trepidation knowing she will be soon getting the same.Next is 'The German Au-Pair' Part 5.4, Richard continues to punish Samantha with the heavy leather paddle but first he and makes her strip naked. He then canes the au-pair and makes Samantha kneel with her bum high in the air affording an interesting view and making her conveniently available for the occasional cane stroke.This edition is rounded off with 3 new additions. First is 'Dry your Tears' in which Miss Parker spanks Elaine and Cindy. Then in 'Desire, Deception & Discipline', Angelina is spanked by her brother-in-law, Charley, but instead of acting as a deterrent, Angelina becomes obsessed with the idea of having her bottom spanked. Lastly is 'A Month in the Country'. Jane goes to stay with her Uncle Frank and Aunt Amanda but soon gets into trouble requiring her Aunt to give her a spanking.
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