Portrait Disaster: Otk Discipline - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

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Cover Portrait Disaster: Otk Discipline - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4
Screenlist Portrait Disaster: Otk Discipline - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

Model: Kisa Corvin, Mollie McGinnis
Studio: disciplinaryarts

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:07:07
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 135,9 MB

Description: Mollie McGinnis is all dressed up and ready for their scheduled family portrait at the church. She is horrified when Kisa comes out of her room, ready to go, with freshly dyed purple and pink hair, and a very revealing outfit. Mollie tells her to at least change her clothes as her mini skirt and bra are completely inappropriate for church and she doesn't want her dressed that way in the photo. But Kisa just gets mouthy and refuses, sassing Mollie to the point of earning a trip over her lap. Mollie lifts her skirt to find a skimpy thong, which is pulled down as she spanks her bare bottom soundly despite Kisa's outraged protests. Since Kisa continues to be mouthy, Mollie orders her to go get the wooden hairbrush. Of course she changes her tune pretty quickly when that is applied, wriggling and crying over Mollie's knee until her behavior is greatly modified and she agrees to modify her extreme look as well. When it's over Mollie holds her and reassures her that she is loved in a sweet moment of aftercare.
Kisa Corvin Mollie McGinnis SD disciplinaryarts
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