Laundry Thief - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4

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Cover Laundry Thief - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4
Screenlist Laundry Thief - canedschoolgirls - SD/MP4

Model: Peter, Kirsten (Kristy)
Studio: canedschoolgirls

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:40:55
Resolution: 768x576
Size: 639,2 MB

Description: Kristy finds money in her boss Peters laundry when he is in the other room, and stuffs it into her panties. Peter immeadiatly notices it missing and strip searches his employee, finding the money. Her panties are removed and she is subjected to a hard and deserved spanking with Peters hand which leaves her crying, before he lays her over the table and blisters her naughty bare bottom with a strap and then canes her, before strapping her bare palms to make sure his marked and tear-stained employee will never try to steal from him again.
Peter Kirsten (Kristy) SD canedschoolgirls
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