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Cover Anitas Dirty Knickers - canedschoolgirls - HD/MP4
Screenlist Anitas Dirty Knickers - canedschoolgirls - HD/MP4

Model: Mr. Baxter, Anita
Studio: canedschoolgirls

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:10:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 303,2 MB

Description: Anita has just woken up in bed, and begins to touch herself. At the same time, her father is inspecting some of her laundry, and finds stains on several pair of her knickers indicating that she has been masturbating in them. He goes into her room to investigate, and sure enough, she is defiling herself. He shows her the other knickers he found, and lets her know she is going to be punished for such unbecoming behavior. Anita is taken OTK and given a hard spanking, with a few over her white knickers until they are soon pulled down so he can spank her bare bottom in hopes to cleanse her of her impure thoughts and behaviors. Once her bottom is very red, for further correction, Anita is bent over the pillows on her bed for a thrashing with the cane. He leaves her in position, panties still down, to contemplate and pray. When she gets up, she inspects and rubs her sore bottom in the mirror.
Mr. Baxter Anita HD canedschoolgirls
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