Schoolgirls Kelly & Sarah - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

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Screenlist Schoolgirls Kelly & Sarah - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

Model: Kelly, Sarah
Studio: The Tutor's Study

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:12:48
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 141,4 MB

Description: Kelly's in trouble again. This time for sneaking out of her bedroom window to go and see her boyfriend. She arrives with her punishment note just as Hargreaves is delivering his introductory lecture to Sarah, a new pupil. When Hargreaves announces "it's a very serious offence", poor Kelly fears the worst. She doesn't have to wait long to know her fate as The Tutor orders her to bend over the desk for the cane. It's hard to tell which girl is more frightened as Kelly awaits the first stroke across her bare bottom. She howls, cries and sobs from the first first stroke to closing the door behind her on the way out. Sarah is shocked by what she's seen but is stunned when Hargreaves tells her that she's going to be spanked, on her bare bottom. She's soon brought back to reality though, by the searing pain in her bottom which leaves her sobbing, unable to sit still and definitely not looking forward to her next lesson!
Kelly Sarah SD The Tutor's Study
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