Heather's Hairbrush Hiding - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

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Exclusive Cover Heather's Hairbrush Hiding - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV
Screenlist Heather's Hairbrush Hiding - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

Model: Heather
Studio: The Tutor's Study

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:09:44
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 107,3 MB

Description: Heather returned on Friday with her completed assignment and was rather relieved to hear from Miss Duke that The Tutor was not in. Heather handed over her assignment and waited impatiently whilst Miss Duke called Mr Hargreaves for advice. The young tutor returned and asked why Heather was sitting on the desk, but the silly girl gave an insolent reply. Miss Duke wasted no time in smacking the backs of Heather's legs before asking for her punishment note. Heather lied and said she didn't have one. So, she was put across Miss Duke's knee for a painful and humiliating bare bottom spanking. Miss Duke then announced that Heather would get a more severe tanning for not bringing her punishment note. And she most certainly did! The girl was placed back over Miss Duke's knee and given a thoroughly good hiding with the tutor's trusty hairbrush. A very contrite Heather shuffled from the room snivelling and rubbing her well tanned bottom, knowing that it would not be her last.
Heather SD The Tutor's Study
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