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Studio: The Tutor's Study

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:10:25
Resolution: 640x480
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Description: The cheating schoolgirls had been ordered to report back to their headmistress after their slippering the previous week. But they decided to skip school that afternoon and so on Monday they were sent back to see The Tutor to explain themselves. Of course they denied their truancy but a good, hard, bare bottom spanking each got them to admit the truth. The girls were petrified when Hargreaves announced that the only punishment for deliberate disobedience is the cane. So both naughty sixth formers received their first ever "six of the best" - on their bare bottoms. The chastened little madams were still sobbing from the pain and the shame as they set off back to school, to present their stripes to the headmistress.
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