Schoolgirl Ellie - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

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Screenlist Schoolgirl Ellie - The Tutor's Study - SD/WMV

Model: Ellie
Studio: The Tutor's Study

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:14:54
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 165,6 MB

Description: Ellie had missed 5 assignments because she was more interested in meeting up with her boyfriend than concentrating on her studies. So, her mum felt the only solution was some strict tutorial discipline. The naughty schoolgirl did not impress Hargreaves with her insolence and paid for it with a good spanking on the backs of her legs within minutes of arriving in his study. But worse was to come, she soon found herself across The Tutor's knee getting her bare bottom spanked for the very first time. Ellie was soon sobbing and promising to do her assignments but Hargreaves did not stop until she was crying uncontrollably. Sitting down on the hard wooden seat to write her lines was excrutiating but Ellie already knew that more punishment would follow when she had finished her imposition. The silly girl had failed to report for her first lesson the previous week so an even harder punishment was in store. She nervously obeyed when told to bend over the teacher's desk and soon realised she had good reason to be scared. The first thwack with Hargreaves slipper had Ellie howling with pain. She cried and wailed all the way through the severe slippering and was praying for it to stop. When it finally did, the very well chastised schoolgirl was too sore to even put her knickers back on over her red raw bottom.
Ellie SD The Tutor's Study
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