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Screenlist A Very Naughty Wife - Red Cheeks Studios - Full HD/WMV

Model: Jennifer
Studio: Red Cheeks Studios

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:16:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 915 MB

Description: Jennifer, a redheaded milf, is lounging in a chair dressed only in her bra and panties and heels. She is browsing through a book and begins to play with her shaved pussy, licking a pink glass dildo and inserting it into her wet cunt. After a few minutes, her husband comes home and catches her playing with herself. He demands to know what she is doing and why the laundry and housework is not done. Not satisfied with her feeble excuse, he pulls Jennifer over his lap and begins to spank her bare bottom very firmly. After turning her cheeks a bright red with his hand, he fetches some implements and bends her over the armchair. Selecting a wooden paddle, he begins to swat her sore looking bottom, making her jump and yelp. He gives her many swats with the wooden paddle, then picks up a huge leather paddle, which makes a very loud whack as he brings it down across both her cheeks. Finally he is done with paddles, and picks up a riding crop, which he then starts to whip across her thighs and buttocks. After a good many lashes of the crop, he moves on to a rattan cane, which he applies very firmly to her sore looking butt, leaving a fresh welt with each stroke. With her whimpering and moaning not phasing him at all, he finally informs her she will receive a final 20 strokes of his thickest rattan cane, and poor Jennifer has to count each one out loud.
Jennifer Full HD Red Cheeks Studios
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