Spanking the Disobedience Out of Mackenzie Reed - punishmentsonly - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Spanking the Disobedience Out of Mackenzie Reed - punishmentsonly - HD/MP4

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Screenlist Spanking the Disobedience Out of Mackenzie Reed - punishmentsonly - HD/MP4

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Screenlist Spanking the Disobedience Out of Mackenzie Reed - punishmentsonly - HD/MP4

Model: Mackenzie Reed
Studio: punishmentsonly

Number of videos: 2
Format: mp4 (zip)
Total duration: 00:30:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Total size: 2,1 GB

Description: I was in Chicago for a wedding, and my friend Sera Spanked flew out to meet Mackenzie Reed and me, and for us to all make a video together. It was gonna be the two of them getting to spank each other under my direction, and then comparing that to a real spanking from me -- more light hearted and fun than usual for my videos. Well, apparently they got the wrong idea and thought they could start filming without me, and generally do what they wanted rather than what I told them. I'm a nice guy, but I don't take well to being deliberately disobeyed. Not at all. When I find them in my hotel room -- not where we had agreed to meet -- I decide that they both need to be taught a lesson. I make the executive decision for our video to be strictly a punishment video, so as to ensure that in any future work we do together, they understand that I expect obedience. CHANGE IN VIDEO: Unfortunately, the original video including Sera Spanked had to be taken down. She was never a paid spanking model, she was a business partner and is a friend. She doesn't want any videos of her to be online any more, and beyond my never making her sign a model release form, I owe her this respect. Don't worry, this can't happen with any of my other videos: everyone else has signed model release forms. I'm sorry to have had to change this video, and to take down the other awesome video (Spanked and Sent to the Corner) she and I made together a few months back. But I probably wouldn't have ever started filming without her, and I wish her nothing but the best. For half the price of the original video, this video I made with just Kenzie and me is more than worth it! She is phenomenal, and I can't wait to film with her again in the future!. Mackenzie gets spanked by my hand, bath brush, and belt. At the end, I have her undress and take a quick shower so I can give her a wet bottom spanking as a final reminder that I am in charge, and I do not tolerate disobedience. She bawls helplessly like a little girl. I'd seen her cry in other videos before, but afterwards she told me that the noises she found herself making (squealing sobs of misery is the best way to describe it) were not reactions she'd ever had before. It begins with just hand spankings, although once I get involved, the hand spankings are immediately VERY severe. I'd say as severe as a hand spanking can get, really. Next, it is time for the bath brush. This is INTENSE. Sadly gone is the scene where Mackenzie lets Sera's hand get free, but don't worry, the consequence of such on Kenzie's poor bottom is still very much part of this video. To punish her and make sure it doesn't happen again that night, I give Kenzie another dose with the bath brush. This really kicked things up to a higher gear for her. And yet, still, this punishment from hell is ot over. I have her kneel on the floor to be lectured, and then it's time for the belt. Mackenzie gets 10 full forced swats each. As with every every other spanking, it is shown first with the bottom cam, and then again with the face cam so you can see her facial reactions to the severe impact you just witnessed upon her bottom. The next scene begins with another swat for Kenzie with the belt while she stands. Then she gets one last dose with the bathbrush. After that she undresses, showers, and goes over my knee for a wet bottom spanking to put a final exclamation point on the punishment. Finally, it is over. I provide her with after care, gently rubbing her back and bottom, and I give her a kiss on the head so she knows that her punishment is finally over. Producer's Note: while I've been administering spankings since I was 17 and fantasizing about such for as long as I can remember, I'm still new to filming. I'm quite experienced and knowledgeable with spanking, but very much still an amateur when it comes to setting up cameras and lights. The main thing I know is that I love being able to watch the entire spanking from both the bottom camera angle and the face camera angle, and like all but one of my videos, every single swat can be seen from both angles. Regrettably, in my zeal to spank these two gorgeous girls, I didn't pay enough attention to how I set up the lights for this video: everything is visible and well illuminated, but sometimes there are shadows. I would feel remiss if I didn't also mention that in the belting scene, the two cameras occasionally catch glimpses of each other. With all that said, I am still incredibly happy and proud of this video. It's really pretty fucking amazing, if I may say so myself (please excuse my language). I think the quality of spanking, not to mention how beautiful Mackenzie is, more than makes up for my production shortcomings. I hope you agree!
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