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Screenlist Learning Her Lesson Outdoors - punishmentsonly - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Anna
Studio: punishmentsonly

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 707,8 MB

Description: As you likely know, Anna and I have a monthly real discipline video series together that is focused on her quitting cigarettes. We are also friends, and made plans to go hiking together. On this cold February day in the southern California desert – it really was quite cold out – we are hiking when I decide I have to relieve myself (there’s a downside to being well hydrated). As I finish doing so, I look over and there is Anna with a cigarette in her mouth looking for her lighter! I am flabbergasted at her disrespectful and presumptuous behavior.The audacity is something to behold: though I’m not her Dom per se, I am absolutely her disciplinarian on cigarette related matters, and here she wants to smoke right in front of me! And she does this while we are hiking, i.e. getting fresh air, exercising, and being healthy. Not to mention that there is dry brush everywhere and it’s windy out, meaning her cigarette could start a fire. (It’s been known to happen in dry California, even on a cold winter day.) I confront her about all this, and instead of backing down and apologizing, Anna gets mouthy and gives me attitude. This is not something I’m prepared to tolerate, and by the time she realizes how inappropriate she’s being, it’s too late: she has crossed the line, and I’m going to spank her right then and there.I pull down her pants, and I have her do “corner time” while standing and facing a rock as her bare bottom is vulnerably exposed to the world, not to mention the cold wind. I take off my jacket, and I spank her standing up right there on the trail. My hand hurts more than it normally does – the cold will do that – so I take off my belt and I belt her. I don’t think there are any people around, but if anyone was within a mile of us, they for sure would have heard her frantic screams and cries as I strap her cold bare bottom. Eventually, I decide she’s had enough, allow her to pull her pants back up, give her a hug, and we continue our hike.
Miss Anna Full HD punishmentsonly
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