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Cover The Experienced And Inexperienced Girlfriend: Full Movie - punishedbrats - Full HD/WMV
Screenlist The Experienced And Inexperienced Girlfriend: Full Movie - punishedbrats - Full HD/WMV

Model: Delirious Hunter, Nadia White
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:30:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,7 GB

Description: In addition to being an acclaimed writer, the Delirious Hunter also worked for an out-call company known as 'The Experienced Girlfriend.'
The money was great, and the experience often added material for her writing. That night, she and Audrey were to have performed a girl on girl show for a special client, but Audrey cancelled at the last minute. Not sure what to do, Nadia picked up on her lover's stress and asked if she could come.
At first the Hunter noted it was out of the question, but when pushed she agreed to do the session with Nadia. As the two performed for their client, he enjoyed the show a bit too much and achieved peak arousal long before expected.
Once he handed over the money to the Delirious Hunter, she quickly became aware that he was over $1000.00 short. He explained that he had inadvertently taken out the incorrect amount of money from his account. Not satisfied with this answer, Nadia pulled out a knife from a place no one was sure of and threatened the client.
The Delirious Hunter quickly disarmed her lover knowing full well that there would be a price to pay for Nadia's misbehavior. When they arrived home, Mr. Pierson was already present.
He instructed both girls to disrobe and bend over the bed. In this position, David went to work upon their naked bottoms with a crop provided by the Delirious Hunter. David cropped the girls upon their bottoms and legs.
Then, her spread their bottoms and cropped them upon the assholes. Then, David instructed them to turn around and accept the crop to their breasts and vaginas.
This ended the company's punishment, but now came the spanking that the client would get to watch. The first intense spanking would be given to the Delirious Hunter .
The woman known as Delirious Hunter felt her heart sink as she was informed that she was to be spanked by Mr. Pierson. While attempting to maintain a calm exterior, she knew that the next several minutes contained nothing but pain and humiliation for her, knowing full well that her spanking and humiliation was being watched by the client upon whom her lover pulled a knife from and orifice yet to be determined.
She knew that both she and Nadia were in big trouble once her passionate little lover pulled that knife. The Delirious Hunter was made to lean over the bottom post of the bed, her bottom thrust out asking to be punished.
She had hoped to take her punishment with as much dignity as possible, but once David landed the first full forced blow with a leather paddle used for more severe situations, it wasn't long before even one such as her was screaming and pleading as she felt each mark of the paddle upon her bottom.
She had hoped for some mercy as David had punished both she and Nadia by a cropping of all of their most private parts but this was a serious matter for the company.
When informed that her punishment would end with twenty hard blows from the paddle, she turned as if to ask for mercy, but seeing this, David replied "Darling there was knife play."
Each of the next twenty blows of the paddle felt as if she was receiving a thousand bee stings with each one.

After her punishment, the naked and well punished Hunter was made to show her marked bottom to the camera and to the client to whom Nadia threatened with a knife. In her nakedness she was made to turn around and apologize to the client.
She was then instructed to send Nadia in for punishment to which Delirious Hunter replied "With Pleasure!"
Nadia walked in with much trepidation as she had watched her friend's severe punishment. She soon realized that her fears were well founded. As soon as David landed the first smack of the weighted leather paddled Nadia felt like a lightning bolt had gone through her.
She was spanked even harder than her friend a left marked from her thighs to her bottom. Both girls were then made to bed over the bed displaying their well-marked bottoms. After about a minute Delirious Hunter reached around and touched her friend's sore bottom. As the thrill seeker she is the writer found the painful experience exciting in so many ways. She embraced Nadia and took her to the floor were they had mad and passionate sex.
Delirious Hunter Nadia White Full HD punishedbrats
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