[realspankingsinstitute] - Syrena in scene: Syrena: Mouth Soaping & Hard Handspanking - Dorm Room - HD/MP4

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Model: Syrena
Section: Dorm Room
Position: Bent Over
Implement: Hand
Studio: realspankingsinstitute

Format: rm
Duration: 00:08:38
Resolution: 848x472
Size: 98,9 MB

Description: The Dean pulls Syrena out of her dorm room for a quick punishment in the hall. When the first stroke of the belt hits the back of her thighs, she screams and uses profanity. The Dean drags her into the bathroom and proceeds to give her the longest mouth soaping ever applied at the Institute. After her mouth is thoroughly washed out, he puts the bar of soap in her mouth and bends her over the counter. He then proceeds to light her bottom on fire with an intense handspanking while she chokes on the soapy mess in her mouth. When he is done spanking her, she spits the soap out with out being told to. The Dean starts the whole process over again. He does not just stick the soap in her mouth, but moves it all around, grinding into her teeth, and leaving no area of her mouth untouched. If mouth soaping scenes can be rated on severity, this is the most severe soaping scene we have ever produced.
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