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Model: Peter, Jasmine Lou
Studio: spankedschoolgirl

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:16:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 483,9 MB

Description: Jasmine has been sent to the headmaster by her history teacher for discipline. At first, he thinks it is only that she forgot to remove her nail varnish, and tells her to just take it off and he'll let the matter go. But then it comes out that she didn't forget to take it off, she can't take it off at all because she got permanent false nails applied in clear flagrant violation of the school dress code which prohibits makeup and nail varnish, perfume, jewelry, etc. He also notices she is wearing heavy eye makeup, also a violation. Now he realizes why she has been sent to him and gives her a scolding for her bold disregard of the rules. He must make an example of her so that the other girls in the school won't think they can start doing the same. He tells her he is currently busy, but she must report back after her classes for a hard slippering. When she does, she is given a warm up by hand and then made to touch her toes for the slipper. The majority of her punishment is administered over her knickers, but he feels the last strokes should be bare bottom to be sure she really feels them, and makes her lower her knickers entirely and expose her sore red bottom for the rest of her slippering.
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