Breaking Curfew - Jade - spankedcheeks - HD/WMV

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Cover Breaking Curfew - Jade - spankedcheeks - HD/WMV
Screenlist Breaking Curfew - Jade - spankedcheeks - HD/WMV

Model: Jade, Miss Lina, Sarah Stern
Studio: spankedcheeks

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:11:24
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 250,4 MB

Description: Jade and her friend Sarah are confined to barracks for the weekend but Jade thought she could slip out to the local pub and get back in without anyone noticing. Her friend Sarah goes after her to get her back and save her from further trouble. But they both end up having a few drinks and get caught climbing the fence to get back into the camp. The following morning, they both have to report for a good thrashing from a senior officer. Jade goes first and is bent over the chair for a well-deserved paddling and good strapping. The punishment is finished off with twelve hard strokes of the cane to teach Jade to obey orders.
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