She Got Fired Again - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4

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Cover She Got Fired Again - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - She Got Fired Again - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4

Model: Dana Kane, Zis Kane
Position: OTK (Over The Knee)
Implement: Hand
Studio: danakanespanks

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:07:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 207,2 MB

Description: I've just about had it with Zis and her bad attitude; she just can't stand anyone having any authority over her, which has led to literally dozens of jobs for her in the past few years. This time, she lasted less than ninety days, and was fired today in the middle of the office for telling the boss to ‘kiss her ass'.

I'm so frustrated with Zis that I almost can't get her over my knee fast enough, unzipping her too-tight-for-work skirt and baring her panties while scolding her and asking what she plans to do with herself now. Zis has no good answer, as usual, but insists she'll figure it out…that's just about enough to put me over the edge. I begin smacking her cheeks with my hand before grabbing up the hairbrush I brought specifically for the task.

In just a minute, Zis is kicking her heels and squirming on my lap while I spank her hard with my hairbrush, turning her pale cheeks a dark, deep red by the time I've exhausted myself on what is, truly, a lost cause. Zis will certainly have another job in no time…but it won't last, and we both know she'll be back over my knee before the bruises from this hard spanking have time to go away.
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