Blistered Otk With Mom's Hairbrush - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Blistered Otk With Mom's Hairbrush - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Blistered Otk With Mom's Hairbrush - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4

Model: Dana Kane
Position: OTK (Over The Knee)
Implement: Hand
Studio: danakanespanks

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:13:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 256 MB

Description: While babysitting my sister's young son for a couple weeks, I'm sitting on the floor having a game with my daughter Kay…
It's been a while since I've checked on my nephew but Kay starts throwing a fit as soon as I suggest pausing the game. When I finally

go up and check on him, I find that my brat daughter has put her little cousin in the closet! He's fine - asleep and happy - but I cannot believe that my daughter would do that to her cousin. She says it's because he takes up too much of my time and she's jealous. I say that it's about time for a good, old fashioned butt whipping for this girl.

I quickly and angrily yank her over my lap, right there on the floor, and proceed to pull down her overalls and panties and spank her bare butt with my hand. Hard. Kay protests, kicks and whines, but she's in for a real blistering this time.

I tell her to bring me my hairbrush then get her right back over my lap for the hairbrush spanking of her lifetime. Over and over again, I spank this brat's bare and blistered butt for being so mean to her little cousin - it takes a long time for Kay to apologize, typically, and I'm not going to let up on her butt until she acts like a good girl.

Even after I'm finished spanking her with hand and hairbrush, I order Kay to sit on the Naughty Bench for ten whole minutes (not shown) to make sure that her spanking ‘sinks' in well. After her Naughty Bench punishment, her butt's even more sore than ever…and it shows.
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