Lingerie Leglock - danakanespanks - HD/MP4

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Cover Lingerie Leglock - danakanespanks - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Lingerie Leglock - danakanespanks - HD/MP4

Model: Dana Kane
Position: OTK (Over The Knee)
Implement: Paddle (Wooden), Hand
Studio: danakanespanks

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:12:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 251,3 MB

Description: I told him that the only way he could get a peek at my new lingerie was to take a nice, long spanking. He agreed, so I open my robe to reveal a white longline girdle with thigh-high stockings, then slip a sleep mask over his eyes and pull him across my lap. Lots of rubbing, petting, and light fingernails across his bottom and thighs throughout this romantic OTK spanking. There's no need for much talking, but I do tell him that I've thought of some ways to control his wiggling and writhing in my lap...leglocks. Over the course of this twelve-plus minute video I employ several different leglocks, while spanking him with my hand - and a heart-shaped wooden spoon. He still squirms and moans, but he knows that what will follow is worth every smack.
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