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Screenlist - Flirty Neighbor Woman Gets An Eyeful - danakanespanks - Full HD/MP4

Model: Dana Kane, Bobby Kane
Implement: Paddle (Wooden)
Studio: danakanespanks

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:07:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 193,1 MB

Description: Walking past the large picture window in the front of my home, I notice that neighbor woman from across the street - Ms Parker is out there again, dressed like a slut and probably getting every man in the neighborhood in a heap of hot water. I cannot stand that woman.

Just as I enter the kitchen, I see that Bobby is very well put together for no reason, and at an odd time of day. Why is his shirt tucked in? Why is he acting funny? Wait…has he been flirting with Ms Parker? Is THAT what's going on here?

I am livid and demand that he tell me what's going on. Bobby plays innocent and pretends that he's just in a good mood today and dressed nice ‘for me'.

Well, that really pisses me off because I know he's lying. I make Bobby strip right there in the dining room, directly in front of the picture window and in full view of our slutty neighbor Ms Parker. The I have him bend himself over the barstools until his bottom is up in the air and his balls are visible to his flirty friend. He deserves this additional embarrassment for openly flirting with this neighbor woman, son while he's fully exposed to her - and to anyone else passing by = I spank Bobby's but good and hard, eventually getting the attention of Ms Parker and making sure she sees Bobby bent over and being spanked like a boy by me. That'll put any fantasies either one of them had to rest, I think, and Bobby's bright red and humiliated backside will keep both of them on their own sides of the street, I guarantee.
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