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Studio: wifespanks

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Duration: 00:08:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: After almost two weeks of no spankings for my husband, he was well over due for a good no nonsense hand spanking.

Starting with him fully clothed, I called him over unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, taking him over my knee I started spanking his boxer covered bottom with each swat getting harder and faster till I finally stop to have him stand so I could remove his boxers.

I felt he was warmed up enough by now. So I continued to smacking his bottom as I did previously, gradually using more power with each swat, remembering all the times in the past week or so he messed up by either not listening or doing something he shouldn't have.

After a few minutes of hard spanking, I stopped to give my hand a little rest and pull his legs up on the couch having him lay over top of my lap, then continued to spank him over and over again. As I spanked harder and faster he made more & more noises making me want to keep going, it was very satisfying to hear.

Needless to say he ended the spanking with a very red bottom, spots of white and I think I see some . Ekk. I decided to end the spanking here. Hope you enjoy.
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