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Description: It was time for my husbands weekly spanking, so this week I decided to use two implements I haven't used before. A very small leather paddle and a square wooden paddle. I also surprised him by using his belt too.
After pulling him over my lap I started spanking him with the small leather paddle giving firm swats to his bottom. Using the small leather paddle was a little uncomfortable due to the lack of me being able to keep a good grip on the tiny handle, although it did a good job of making his bottom pink.

I then took out my square wooden paddle. I wasn't really excited about using this implement but, Wow I was pleasantly surprised by the crack of the paddle when I'd spank his bottom with it, the sound of the paddle and the noises he was making also. This may be one of my new favorites.I reminded him about how earlier he said he was scared and I told him not to worry. Well maybe he should have been worried because I wasn't done with him.

I gave him a good firm spanking with the wooden paddle for a few minutes not letting up. His bottom was quite red by now, I had him get up from being over my lap and bend over and place his hands on the couch.

He decided to show up for a spanking wearing a belt, so of course I'm going to use it, I whipped his already red sore ass with his own belt until I felt satisfied.
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