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Studio: wifespanks

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Duration: 00:07:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Well it hasn't been the first time he decided to make a bad decision by putting not only us but other people in danger with his reckless driving. So once we got home I pulled his pants down put him over my knee and gave him four or five hard swats to his bottom then pulled his boxers down past his cheeks and smacked his bare ass until it started stinging my hand.

Then I had him lie face down on the couch while I retrieved my leather paddle and sat on his back to continue his punishment, pausing to scold him about his lapse in judgment. His buttocks started turning bright red after a few minutes with the leather paddle.

I stood up so I was able to get a better swing while putting down the leather paddle so I could finish the spanking using a leather strap and make sure he learned his lesson. I began strapping him with each swing making him cry out from the stinging pain, we both knew he deserved it.

Using a pillow I propped his bottom in the air and continued to strap him fast and hard as he whimpered and sobbed until I knew he was sorry.
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