Cupcake's Accident At School - spanked and diapered - HD/MP4

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Screenlist - Cupcake's Accident At School - spanked and diapered - HD/MP4

Model: Cupcake's Accident At School
Studio: spanked and diapered

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:14:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 325,1 MB

Description: Paul brings his little girl, Cupcake, home from school. She looks adorable in her tartan school jumper, but neither looks happy. He's had to come pick her up from school because she had an accident and wet her panties.

Paul is caring and gentle with Cupcake, like a Daddy should be, but he insists that she must learn how to control herself at school. It shouldn't be hard for her to ask to go to the restroom, after all. A big girl like her should not be being sent home in pee soaked school knickers.

So, Cupcake goes over his knee and is given a spanking: over her wet knickers and on her bare bottom. Cupcake is flustered and embarrassed but does her best to take it without making too much of a fuss...well, the best a girl her age can do!

But there's more coming: Cupcake will need to be back in diapers for a little while. A girl who can't be trusted at school can't be trusted at all. So, much to her deep humiliation, Cupcake must lay back and open her legs to be cleaned up and powdered before being taped into a sweet looking and colorful diaper. She's crinkly and smells like a baby and very, very embarrassed, but at least she'll stay dry.

She cuddles up to her Daddy as he tells her that he hopes she learns a lesson and that there will be no need for diaper discipline in the future, but it seems unlikely.
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