1st & Ten 1 - OTK Hand - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

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Cover 1st & Ten 1 - OTK Hand - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

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Screenlist 1st & Ten 1 - OTK Hand - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

Model: Ten Amorette
Studio: dallasspankshard

Number of videos: 2
Format: mp4 (zip)
Total duration: 00:23:33
Resolution: 768x432
Total size: 318,5 MB

Description: Ten Amorette had spoken to me late last year when she was in town. "Would you be interested in shooting some time?" she asked. "Would you be interested in a real disciplinary spanking if we did?" I returned. We agreed on both and would set it up on her return to LA.

I met Ten the night before the shoot at a mutual friend's house. She proceeded to get Blitzkrieged, which I made note of. We spoke of the upcoming shoot and I could tell she was nervous. " Just be on time " I added before leaving.

When she showed up twenty six minutes late ( granted it is LA and it had rained ) I let her know that this would be addressed additionally. She apologized profusely and once I had 'handled it' it would be water under the bridge. I did have Ten confess to be off camera ( because of personal reasons ) to something she needed to be punished for going on in her life. We came back in and the talking to began. Afterwards, I have her strip and take her arm to the corner. Ahhh...she had goten those tan lines I had requested!

What you see next is a Dallas style, fully nude hand spanking of this 'Spankee of the yeasr' winner. The dialog that goes along with it is a one hundred percent genuine scolding, that should always accompany such a spanking. I burn the bottom of this extremely naughty girl, which I know you will enjoy.
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