Red Slipper Vol 1 - spankedschoolgirl - HD/MP4

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Cover Red Slipper Vol 1 - spankedschoolgirl - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Red Slipper Vol 1 - spankedschoolgirl - HD/MP4

Model: Angelina, Miss Barker
Studio: spankedschoolgirl

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:07:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 227,3 MB

Description: Angelina is a foreign exchange student living with Miss Barker. Miss Barker comes home to find her lounging on the couch, reading magazines about pregnancy. She worries that Angelina could have gotten herself pregnant, but Angelina insists that she isn't and knows because she took a test. Unfortunately, this tells Miss Barker that she has been behaving inappropriately with boys, because she would have no reason to take a test otherwise. She is told that her behavior isn't ok, that she is here to go to school, not to be going out and being slutty, possibly getting herself pregnant, and will be sent home to her family. Angelina really doesn't want to go home, so Miss Barker asks her what she thinks her parents would do if they were there. She replies that they'd probably spank her, which gives Miss Barker an excellent idea as to a possible solution! She thinks the problem is that she was regularly spanked and well behaved at home, then came to this country and had no discipline. She's not going to allow that to be the case any longer, and makes Angelina go across her knees on the sofa for a sound spanking! She is wearing red slippers, and after spanking the girl for awhile with her hand, decides to remove one and apply it to her bottom as well! Angelina says she hasn't ever been spanked with a slipper before, well this will be her first taste of traditional British discipline. The poor crying girl promises to behave, and to do her chores and school work!
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