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Model: Suzi Martell
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:29:58
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 441,6 MB

Description: Debbie has broken up with her bloke, and come to stay with her widowed Brother-in-law Paul. We soon learn that she has always fantasized about him spanking her as he had often threatened to do when she was a troublesome teenager.

Once settled in at Paul's house, Debbie begins to tease him. She wanders around the house, with almost nothing on, and when he takes no notice of her she decides to provoke him until she gets a response. In the end he threatens to spank her and her response is to say that he should do just that. Although at first reluctant, he puts Debbie over his knee and gives her a very erotic spanking. This is not enough for Debbie and when Paul lets her up, she continues to push him and goes too far. She is put back over Paul's knee, only this time the spanking is not erotic, it's a proper punishment.

Debbie thinks she is in heaven, and all her dreams and fantasies are coming true. This is reinforced, when she discovers Paul's collection of spanking magazines and punishment instrument in a bag. She decides to exploit the situation, by dressing up in her old school uniform and settles down to wait for Paul's return. When he arrives home, Paul is furious. He tells Debbie that she had no right to pry into his private things, and that she has earned herself a serious punishment. After just a few minutes, Debbie realizes that perhaps she has gone too far in her efforts to seduce Paul and her bottom is really suffering for her naughtiness.

She is spanked, given the slipper, the paddle, and finally she receives the caning of her life. I don't think however, this will have cured her of her fantasies, but only served to fan the flames of her desires.
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