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Model: Lucy Bailey
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:45:55
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 676 MB

Description: Paul Davis is late for an important interview and unable to find the one clean shirt he laid out ready the night before. When he wakes his sleeping wife, Jenny, to ask her where it is, low and behold, she is wearing his shirt as a night-gown, saying she felt cold during the night.

"Well this should warm you up then" he tells her as he hauls her out of bed for an 'early morning spanking'. In between smacks he tells her that if she has not done all the washing by the time he gets home, she will get a lot more punishment.

Several hours later, she eventually gets up to do the laundry, but the washing machine breaks down!
She charms the repair man into coming over straight away, but he is not charmed when, after replacing the motor, she tells him she has no money and suggests that maybe she could pay him 'another way'. He is furious and tells her, 'If you cant pay me then there’s only one thing I want, and that’s to take it out on your are!'

After a very sound spanking, he the takes his belt to her bent over the kitchen table, finally making her kneel right up on the table, bottom stuck well out, for the last 12 of the best.

When Paul arrives home, he finds her in bed nursing a sore bum and no washing done. He is less than impressed by her explanation and produces a bag of implements he has just bought to 'teach her a proper lesson'. Straps, paddles, etc. are all put to good use despite her struggles. Eventually she shows some remorse, but far from letting her off, he produces fearsome 'cat' to put her sincerity to the test.
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