Naughty Nurses 2: The Blackmail Attempt - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

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Cover Naughty Nurses 2: The Blackmail Attempt - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Naughty Nurses 2: The Blackmail Attempt - disciplinaryarts - SD/MP4

Model: Kisa Corvin, Lily Starr
Studio: disciplinaryarts

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:16:14
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 311,7 MB

Description: Slutty nurses Kisa and Lily have discovered that their previous spanking from Dr. Wolf was actually the result of a set up arranged by the pervy doctor and his cousin. They confront the doctor in his office after hours to tell him this and threaten him with a sexual harassment suit and the loss of his job unless he agrees to their blackmail plan where he would give them an obscene amount of money for their silence. But Dr. Wolf points out that they have no case as it would be the word of two girls who were known to be promiscuous against that of a respected and happily married surgeon. To make sure they get the idea of blackmail out of their heads, and for his own twisted pleasure, he informs them they will not only not be getting a penny from him, but they will also be getting another spanking if they want to keep their own jobs! He bends the two would be blackmailers over his office desk and pulls down their scrubs, revealing Kisa isn't even wearing any panties! He spanks their bottoms hard, occasionally stopping to rub and grope the girls, asking if they feel properly sexually harassed now. Then he takes off his heavy leather belt and really lets them have it! The girls are made to face the wall displaying their bottoms afterward, but Kisa keeps mouthing off, so both girls get even more with the belt until they finally submit to the punishment and show him respect despite their contempt at his abuse of power. Something a little different, really hot scene with two bratty girls spanked hard and dominated both physically and mentally in what is likely an office themed fantasy for many spankos.
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