Red Bottomed Cowgirl - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

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Cover Red Bottomed Cowgirl - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Red Bottomed Cowgirl - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

Model: Tiki
Studio: dallasspankshard

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:17:08
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 177,7 MB

Description: This update is for John. You see John is very sick and wrote to request to see this classic spanking. I give back whenever I can to my fans when possible. His request was very possible. I regenerated this old and falling apart tape, re-edited it and then put it through professional compression generators. I hope you enjoy it...John, mostly you buddy get well!

This was one of the many real disciplinary spankings I gave Tiki. I did like the idea of a sexy cowgirl getting a severe and very real spanking. I combined the two. Tiki was VERY BAD to get this spanking ( driving drunk after work already drunk and then me having to drive 30 miles to literally drag her out of a bar...where she had planned on driving home from!) You will see that I was kind of pissed at her this night ( the night after it happened ) This was the LAST time she dreamed of getting drunk and getting behind the wheel...She didn't for the entire time we were together afterwards and till today...,SO SHE SAYS.
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