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Screenlist Stand Up, Can't Sit - dallasspankshard - LQ/MP4

Model: Yevonne
Studio: dallasspankshard

Number of videos: 2
Format: mp4 (zip)
Total duration: 00:39:46
Resolution: 640x480
Total size: 492,9 MB

Description: One of the true 'best bottoms' out there. Yevonne made the mistake of 'Standing Up' one of my close friends while seeking career opportunities here is LA-LA Land. This aspiring musician had a penchant for making dates, standing up those dates and thinking it was really funny. Well, this backside fired when the powerful record producer required a "test" before doing business with her. After reminding her that he was the date walking around the Pantages theatre for over an hour looking for her one night, he informed her that this test would be immediate and involve my special testing methods.

An "E' soaked bottom, the timer and my hand taught her a valuable lesson about wasting people's time.

With another hard, bare bottomed hand spanking handed out to our monkey footed equestrian YEVONNE, this awesome lesson of revenge a dish best served HOT! If you don't think she is the cutest thing on two legs with a butt to die for, your opthomologist just called and needs you in right away for that eye exam! Enjoy this tale... and it was inspired by a true story. I loved how long and with such concentration she lined up the implements thinking it may somehow have be better somehow if she chose correctly.
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