Niki Flynn's Worst Spanking - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

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Cover Niki Flynn's Worst Spanking - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Niki Flynn's Worst Spanking - dallasspankshard - SD/MP4

Model: Niki Flynn
Studio: dallasspankshard

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:28:27
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 231,9 MB

Description: You ever wonder what defines the term 'REAL PUNISHMENT'? Well, it is pretty evident that would be the word 'REAL'. What you have here is the real deal. A woman who disobeyed her significant other was sent to me for a punishment spanking. Now, a spanking in general can be an embarrassing ordeal. The scolding, the bare- bottomed corner time, pleading, crying and hopping from foot to foot as if she actually thought that would actually cool her butt down and take the sting away. When Samantha Woodley and Sierra Salem are there to witness this punishment, Niki is met with a double-edged sword of comfort and shame. Since it was a real disciplinary spanking Niki was made to spend some time over the bench reflecting on her swollen bottom and promises to "never do it again". Samantha & Sierra bared their bottoms and did her reflection time with her as some sort of spanko solidarity.

That night after Niki had gone to meet her boyfriend, Samantha & Sierra found themselves over that very bench for their own dose of the straps.
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