Cara Learns A Painful Lesson - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

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Screenlist - Cara Learns A Painful Lesson - cheerleaderspankings - Full HD/MP4

Model: Cara Day, Johnny Lake, Miss Elizabeth
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:14:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 821 MB

Description: Coach Lake takes Cara home from school after her latest poor attitude in practice - he has had enough and confronts Cara's mother. Her mom is mortified that she is playing up again as the Coach tells about how Cara has been using crude dating apps and drinking alcohol which is affecting team morale and a poor role model to the other girls. So Cara's mother wastes no time in showing Coach just how she deals with inappropriate behavior as she takes her daughter for an over the lap spanking, right there and then! Cara is embarrassed that her coach is asked to watch and it isn't long before her cute sports panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is being spanked harder and harder whilst mommy scolds and shames her. If that was emabrrassing enough... the heavy, nasty hairbrush spanking that follows takes her attention away from any shame at having her full round bottom bared to her male coach's gaze. Mother isn't finished though... to ensure that Cara fully learns this lesson, she invites Coach Lake to do exactly the same while she looks on. The poor girl is mortified and finds this second part of her punishment very humiliating, as her red swollen cheeks receive yet another hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Mother stares at her daughter, reminding her to really learn from this painful lesson. Behavior like this will not be tolerated at home or at cheerleading practice!
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