Artistic Impression - punished-girls - LQ/WMV

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Cover Artistic Impression - punished-girls - LQ/WMV
Screenlist - Artistic Impression - punished-girls - LQ/WMV

Studio: punished-girls

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:56:50
Resolution: 360x276
Size: 585,2 MB

Description: Jessica, an art student notices that the Colonel is scouring her up and down. He is indeed undressing her with his eyes. A bit irritated at him she decides not to paint his portrait, but rather a line a girls being caned. Lilly, the Colonel's girlfriend notices what has happened and lets him know. Furious he lectures Jessica on her improper behavior. Upon finding a birch stick and a cane he proceeds to punish her by turning her bottom a bright red. His disciplinary ways ring back memories about a time in a pub with the ol' boys, when a similar incident of caning had occurred. Those were the days!
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