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Studio: punished-girls

Format: wmv (zip)
Duration: 00:51:18
Resolution: 360x276
Size: 523,8 MB

Description: Two shop assistants are summoned to the Manager's office after falling short of her expectations as hard workers. The manager has been informed that the girls continually misprice items and stock the shelves incorrectly. And after being warned repeatedly, they still have failed to respond.

The attractive Manager sends them to the training room for what she considers is a fair and just punishment. The girls feel humiliated when it is time to bare their bottoms in front of their superior for a hard spanking.

The store policy for many years has been that persistent offenders receive a hard beating with the paddle, which distresses the impertinent young women even more. But wait...Once that is finished, the cane is brought out and is used quite effectively on the naughty Asian girl's already sore bottom.
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